The Newest Addition to Stitches Power 75

Randy - Head ShotNic   When Stitches Magazine released their list of the 75 most influential people in the decorated apparel industry it was no surprise that Randy Carr, President and CEO of World Emblem, made the list, alongside VP of Sales Nicolas Restrepo. For over 20 years, Carr has been pushing his company to break boundaries and raise the bar for industry standards. Under his guidance, World Emblem has grown into a multimillion dollar global company that is known for it’s quality and innovations. It is those innovations that elevated Carr into Stitches’ Power 75 ranking. Most notable on Stitches’ feature was this year’s launch of FlexStyle, World Emblem’s newest product that is revolutionizing the application, use, and overall quality of emblems in the decorated apparel industry.


This breakthrough product is the culmination of all that World Emblem stands for – an unforgettable first impression, the highest quality products in the industry, and impeccable attention to detail. FlexStyle is the first of it’s kind, allowing emblems to adhere to a variety of surfaces such as fabric, glass, wood, metal, and plastic, while still providing unparalleled flexibility. It’s prestigious and sophisticated design capabilities provide detailed textures and bold metallic finishes, producing a high-quality emblem that can’t be matched anywhere else in the industry. Carr’s words to Stitch Magazine say it best: “This is one product you have to see to truly appreciate.”

It is products like these that have made World Emblem the global powerhouse that it is and a leader like Randy Carr has made that possible. With Carr’s leadership and drive, you can be sure that FlexStyle will not be the last innovative product World Emblem introduces to the marketplace. No matter where the industry goes, Carr and his World Emblem team will always be a step ahead, constantly pushing the envelope to exceed customer expectations.

Click the Stitches Magazine cover below to read full December 2015 issue:

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What happens when you wear a nametag twenty-four seven? Even to bed?


Left to right: Erin Gallagher – Marketing Director at World Emblem, Scott Ginsberg – Entrepreneur

Just ask Scott Ginsberg. In the beginning, it was just a gimmick to make friends. But soon, his crazy idea didn’t seem so crazy.

Scott’s social experiment has now evolved into an urban legend, world record, cultural phenomenon, and a profitable enterprise. Simply google the word name tag, and you’ll see his work benchmarked as a case study on human interaction, revolutionizing the way people look at approachability, identity and commitment.

Since 1999, Scott has authored 30 books, published an award winning blog, created, released seven albums on his own record label, done 500+ interviews with every news outlet in the country, created a suite of creativity based software apps, given a TEDx talk and delivered hundreds of presentations and corporate training programs worldwide.

He also wrote, produced, directed and scored two concert documentaries.

And he was also inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the world record holder of wearing name tags for 5,482 days and counting.

Find out more about Scott at

Give Your Charitable Cause Some More Power

5-Whether you want to organize a fund raiser or simply promote your cause, you want to explore all the available options. Today, you can use social media, promote your cause online, and get funding from all over the world. But sometimes, even the simplest solution can lead to powerful results. A simple T-shirt or similar items of clothing would help spread the message.

At World Emblem, we support all charitable organizations and will help you create the best T-shirts and other such promotional material for your campaign.

Spreading the Message

Most people are willing to do their bit for a good cause. You can either hand over a t-shirt with your charity’s logo on it or sell it as a way to raise funds, most people would respond positively to it. This can be a great way to get the word out about your charity. All you have to do is create a shirt that conveys your message clearly. For example, if you are a charity that supports terminally ill children, you can easily create shirts for the parents, the children, and distribute it amongst everyone who is willing to support the cause.

Raising Funds

Creating several shirts and other such pieces of clothing is easy and doesn’t cost that much either. You can sell these shirts as a part of your fundraising efforts for a profit. These funds can be used in your charity and would function to spread the message about your charity too. There are several prominent charities that do it. You can sell on websites like Amazon that would give you access to a large audience from all over the world. That could be just the kind of mobility you might need.

Employee and Volunteer Uniforms

shutterstock_76496914You can create uniforms for all employees and volunteers that work for your charity. Again, this is a good way to promote your cause and gain visibility. This also gives your employees and volunteers to do some promoting as well. Any marketer would tell you that visibility is the key to the success of any venture and having your charity’s emblem and logo on supporters, employees, volunteers, etc, can get you that visibility.

If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call World Emblem at 800.766.0448 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Importance of High Visibility Striping

High Visibility StripingThe safety and health of your employees on the job is your responsibility. If they’re doing a high risk job, they need to have every form of protection they can get. The onus of providing good quality safety apparel falls on the employer and the owner of the business.  It is the one duty that you shouldn’t neglect or disregard.

At World Emblem, we feel that good quality safety apparel is the right of every employee. It ensures that proper safety standards are observed and your employees are protected from accidents as much as possible. Here’s why high visibility striping is important.

Why it’s needed?

If your employees regularly work in low light and low visibility areas, high visibility striping would make them visible. These work by reflecting light or glowing in the dark, so to speak. A person wearing them is clearly visible to the others even in the dark. This helps prevent accidents if your employees are working around moving objects like cars, trucks, etc. For example, if you own a construction company, your workers might be working on the road and drivers in vehicles might not be able to spot them on time. Safety uniforms help prevent accidents like that.

What’s the right Safety apparel?

There are several things you need to consider when you’re buying such uniforms for your employees. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Contrasts: Stripes would contrast sharply against the background material. For example, if the uniform is blue, the stripes should be bright orange or florescent green.
  • Location: If your employees have stripes on their uniform arms and legs, it would show the person driving towards them that a moving object or person is in their path.
  • Coverage: You need to ensure that the high visibility striping covering all sides of the body. For example, if your employee if facing one way, the vehicle coming from behind should be able to see the stripes. The stripes should be visible from all viewing angles.
  • Comfort: You also need to ensure that your workers can work comfortably while wearing safety apparel. If the fit isn’t right, they won’t be able to concentrate on the job before them.

When you’re buying clothing with high visibility striping, you need to keep all of these things in mind. That way, you can ensure that your employees are safe and comfortable at all times.

If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call World Emblem at 800.766.0448 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

World Emblem is “Stepping Up To Management”

Few people are born to be leaders. Most of us need insight, mentorship and practice on being a good leader! This is why the World Emblem “Stepping Up To Management” leadership development program is so important.

Recently, World Emblem identified four individuals with the potential to one day become leaders and took them through a 4-day mentorship program. The “Stepping Up To Management”  program gives these future leaders the opportunity to learn and grow, while making World Emblem a lot stronger when developing individuals professionally.

This is the first year of the program and we are excited to say that it was amazing! Congratulations to the selected participants and thanks to the World Emblem team members that presented!

Stepping up to Management 2015 copy

From left to right: Maria Tourn (Recruiter), Rene Morrison (Shift Supervisor), Katherine Milan (Accountant), Brandi Vail (Team Leader), and Gabriel Rodriguez (Training and Development Manager).

Leadership skills can play a large role in career development. Often, technical skills can only take you so far. To encourage these selected candidates to move forward in their careers, World Emblem is helping develop soft skills such as the ability to be a good leader.

The “Stepping Up To Management” program gave individuals the ability to speak with executives and managers about ways to enhance their leadership skills.

Here are a few ways to help you improve your leadership skills:

Taking Initiative
Most bosses will assign their employees tasks that the employees have proven to be adept at. Therefore, don’t wait to take on more responsibilities. Go above and beyond at your current position. A good way to develop your skills is to take on extra projects outside of your job description. Remember, the more work you do, the more you are learning. Learning more and taking on more responsibility can help move you into a leadership role in your workplace.

Critical Thinking
To be hired for a high-profile job, you will need to be a critical thinker. Good leaders are able to foresee potential problems before they happen. They can then develop ways to prevent the problems from happening. Good leaders are also aware of potential opportunities and take advantage of them to benefit the company and employees.

Constant Learning
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” said John F. Kennedy. When things are changing rapidly, it is important to constantly learn and challenge yourself.

Know How to Delegate
“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it,” said Theodore Roosevelt. A successful leader won’t micro-manage. Delegate work to your employees and let them feel empowered. If you do this, they will feel more involved and have more opportunity to develop new skills. Delegating will allow you to better concentrate on the goals you need to achieve yourself. If you are a project leader, you are still responsible for the work in the end. This is why it is important to oversee the project when delegating.

Handling Conflicts
Leaders have to know how to handle difficult people and resolve conflicts. If an employee doesn’t work to the best of his or her ability and brings a negative attitude to work, leaders have to step up and talk to that person in private. Leaders have to be honest and straight to the point. This requires a lot of courage. It is not easy to point out a problem or fire someone. Always listen to the employee’s side of the story before you reach a conclusion.

Be a Follower
Leaders should learn to recognize the value of team members, learn from them and encourage other team members to learn from them. Learn things that you didn’t know from a person who specializes in that area.

If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call World Emblem at 800.766.0448 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Why Patches are Great for Business?

Appliques No Award

Marketing is vital in order for your business to grow. As these are times of intense competition, it’s vital that you find new and different ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Today, customers respond more to a unique identity, a voice that would appeal to them and connect with them.

At World Emblem, we feel that one of the best ways to stand out is by creating your own brand identity. Logos or patches can be a representation of that identity.

Your own Unique Design

A patch is a design of your own creation. It works well with the brand image you’re trying to portray. Have a good logo on your clothes and the clothes of your employees can increase your brand presence in the minds of your customers. Before you come to us for applying the patch to your corporate apparel, consider the design carefully.

It should be something eye-catching and yet not over-the-top. We can make appliqués of your logos to add to the different apparel. When your employees are wearing these garments, your brand logos are clearly visible to the customers interacting with them.



Corporate apparel with patches are a great way to stand out in trade fairs and events. All the members of your business would stand out and potential customers would be able to easily single you out. An impressive looking patch would also easily catch people’s attention and retain it. Consider the employees in the Apple store. They were electric blue t-shirts with a small white Apple logo on their sternum.

The design might seem simplistic, but it immediately stands out. It’s in line with the company’s brand design as well. This apparel is so distinctive that it would stand out in an event or a trade show. You don’t have to use embroidery to create t-shirts; you can opt for digital print.


When you’re operating a busy store or a business, there are many people who walk in and out of your door. Your commercial space can get crowded. In such cases, it’s vital to ensure that your employees stand out. Your clients and customers clearly need to be able to identify your people. Having a logo or a patch printed on your employee’s apparel is better for customer service.

If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call World Emblem at 800.766.0448 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Motivate your Children with Official Sports Uniforms


Forming clubs is a great way to interact with people of the same interests. This is particularly effective when you want your kids to spend more time outdoors, playing sport than indoors, playing video games. Many neighborhoods in the U.S. organize clubs and events for kids. It might be a go-kart competition or baseball matches, etc. One of the best ways to get kids motivated about sports is by making things official.

You can organize different teams, gather all adults, and make it a grand event. While you would understand and take things seriously, your kids would truly appreciate if you make team apparel. Here are some of the advantages of having team apparel at such events.

#1 – Adds Authenticity

Uniforms make things official. Your kids will feel like they’re a part of something important and worthwhile whenever they wear their uniforms. They’ll take the event more seriously and put their best effort into the game. Instead of just dressing your kids up in different colors, you can design official logos for different teams and make some custom merchandize like t-shirts for parents and supporters.

#2 – Builds Team Spirit

It’s never too early or late for children to start to learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. Team sports are one of the best ways to inculcate these values in your kids. Nothing would enforce them better than having team emblems and uniforms. The garments would give your children a banner to work under. They’ll recognize people wearing their team’s emblems and colors as their supporters. This can be good for children’s morale and confidence as well.

#3 – Treasured Memories

These might just be World Emblem apparel decorations to most, but to the kids the team emblem would be a treasured memory. It would remind them of the time they spent with comrades working towards a goal. There are many who will preserve such t-shirts and uniforms all their life.

There’s very little expense involved in this. The investment is worth the experience that your children and your family have. At World Emblem, we can design the uniforms in several different ways. We can apply emblems through direct embroidery or digital printing.

Making such garments is easy and hassle free. All you need to do is call us at 800.766.0448. You can also email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Patches on Apparels: A Subtler Form of Marketing


Several major companies and corporations prominently display their logos on the shirts and dresses of their employees. These can be an effective marketing tool. It’s a more subtle form of marketing, without a doubt, but it works well. They serve the same purpose as uniforms, showing the customers that the people they’re interacting with are a part of your organization.

There are several ways in which t-shirts or dresses with the corporate logo on them can help promote your business. At World Emblem, we believe that a perfectly designed logo on your company’s apparel can be an excellent marketing tool


By adding a logo or an emblem to your employees’ clothes, you’re promoting your brand. The logo is exposed to several people every day as your people interact with different customers. Eventually, people are going to start to associate that logo with your company. You’re making them aware of your brand colors and designs, impressing the image of your company in their minds.

Customer Service

The best way to initiate interactions with a customer is to ensure that your employees are always visible to them. If they’re wearing your emblem, clients will immediately recognize them and approach them. These are like badges that let others know that they can approach the person who wears them, with questions and doubts. That also promotes a feeling of trust and reliability, giving your employees a crisp, professional appearance. Your customers would respond positively to this.


Some companies like cafés and small business actually sell t-shirts and clothing branded with their logo. This is a good option for businesses that have a large, loyal following of customers who want to identify with the brand. There are several small businesses that supplement their income by selling such items.

This also promotes the business in a way. If your customers are wearing your branded apparel, they’re showing other potential customers that they trust your brand and like you. This would make others curious as well. By selling clothes with your logo on them, you’re attracting the interest of other potential customers.

United Front

Having corporate apparel with emblems as apparel decorations shows a united front to your customers. All your employees, from the very top of the corporate ladder to the novice trainee, are on an equal footing. That’s a very powerful and effective brand image.

If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call World Emblem at 800.766.0448. You can also email us at and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Having Your Company Logo on Employee Clothes can Benefit Them


Several major companies display their logo on their employees’ clothes. Whether it’s boldly displayed on their t-shirts or discretely embroidered onto their dress, logos and emblems can give you an edge over the competition.

At World Emblem we believe that a logo prominently displayed on your employees clothing can have several advantages. Everyone from Apple to McDonalds have their company logos on their employees’ clothes. There are several reasons why companies believe that emblems benefits employees as well; some of them are listed here:

  • Inspires Loyalty – One of the best advantages of having logos as apparel decorations is the effect it has on your employees. If you have cultivated your brand properly, ensured that the design is a good representation of your company, your employees are going to wear them with pride. Having corporate emblems on clothes inspires a sense of belonging and unity amongst your employees.
  • Promotes Unity and Equality – It is also a great equalizer. If everyone from the top to the bottom of the corporate ladder is wearing clothing with the company emblem on, it seems like all are on an equal footing. Employees are able to see the larger picture where they’re all part of an organization and working towards a particular goal.
  • Holds Employees Accountable – Wearing the company’s brand name places a responsibility on your employees. They’re representatives of the brand and their behavior reflects on the brand. With their logo prominently displayed on their clothing, they are conscious of how they appear in public. They are more likely to maintain decorum and observe professional conduct wherever they are. This reflects well on your company’s customer service.
  • Allows easy interactions with customers – Having your brand or company logo displayed on your employees’ clothing makes them easily identifiable. Customers can spot them quickly and ask for help whenever needed. When customers readily recognize the employees as a part of your company, they’re more comfortable talking with them.

team_buildingThis creates a feeling of trust between the employee and a customer. It also gives your employees a certain level of authority and an air of competence. Research has shown that customers and clients are more comfortable approaching people who’re clearly singled out as belonging to a company.

There are several advantages of having logos on your clothes and the benefits to your employees are numerous as well. If you have any questions or need to know more, you can call at World Emblem at 800.766.0448 or email and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

World Emblem Launches FlexStyle, a High-End Emblem Technology for the U.S.

WE FlexStyle-Fashion

For brands that require the utmost in impact and sophistication, World Emblem proudly introduces FlexStyle. As part of World Emblem’s signature series, FlexStyle is able to achieve a wide variety of textures and colors, including metallic, within the same emblem. The materials can also be adhered to virtually any surface including fabrics, glass, wood, metal, plastic, papers and more.

World Emblem is the only licensed provider of the amazing patented FlexStyle technology in North America. No other emblem will give your brand a luxury feel with sophistication while being a trendsetter in today’s market as Flexstyle.

Some world-renown brands that use FlexStyle include Gucci, Prada, Armani, several international sports teams and the military.

WE FlexStyle-Athletic

The functionality brought about by its uses is complemented by the endless amount of matte, metallic and colorfully textured design possibilities. It is sure to escalate any garment, product or packaging to another level. World Emblem’s turn-around production times are reputable.

Digital rendering is created for review by the client within the first 2-3 days (based on the complexity of the design). The die is produced between 5-7 days with a final production within 10 days of die completion. FlexStyle emblems are tested extensively and have been proven to maintain its illustrious quality through strenuous cycles of regular domestic wash as well as dry cleaning cycles.


The material is developed using a special process that bonds multiple materials together to create a piece that has very intricate textures built into the design to really make the logo and details stand out for limitless applications. Ways of applying these applications include:

  • Low-Melt Heat Seal – Placing a teflon sheet between the top platen and the FlexStyle for 10 seconds with 40 lbs of pressure at a top & bottom temperature of 320˚F
  • Low-Melt Iron – Placing a teflon sheet between the top platen and the Flexstyle for 30 seconds with manual pressure
  • Pressure Sensitive (Sticky) – Press to adhere and remove covering

WE FlexStyle-Wine

The nature of FlexStyle means that it can be used on a wide variety of apparel and any other surface it can adhere to. This includes various forms of products and product packaging such as wine bottles, garments, shoes, electronic devices and cosmetic packaging.

“FlexStyle gives our customers unparalleled detail and a bold look,” said Randy Carr, World Emblem President & CEO. “It delivers impact and sophistication that high-end brands are looking for. It helps them make a statement without saying a word.”

FlexStyle elevates your brand with greater detail, an attractive appearance feature bold metallic finishes, and deeper, more detailed texturing. It’s more than an emblem, it’s a status symbol that denotes both power and prestige. And there is literally nothing else like it in the industry today.

WE FlexStyle-Cigar

As the global leader in apparel decorations, World Emblem is excited to offer you the exclusive opportunity to leverage the power and appeal of this breakthrough product. All FlexStyle orders are accompanied by World Emblem’s high attention to detail and leading customer service. Choose FlexStyle, and make a statement without saying a word.

Flextyle logo

With its global headquarters in Miami, Florida, World Emblem is one of the world’s leading global suppliers of high quality apparel decorations. The wide variety of custom embroidered, sublimated, digitally printed and screen-printed emblems, high-visibility striping, transfers, magnetic badges and various other products means that no matter what your situation, World Emblem has exactly what you need.

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