2013 Holiday Recap: World Emblem Gives Back

After another successful year of business, the World Emblem team decided to give back with a series of charity projects this past holiday season.

  • The first was an event that, upon its success in 2012, was repeated again this past year in 2013. Toys were collected from all World Emblem locations for the K.I.D (Kids.In.Distress) Charity of South Florida. Beginning in 1979, K.I.D.’s sole mission is to, “prevent child abuse, preserve the familly and treat children who have been abused and neglected.” Recognized as a premier agency in South Florida, this organization provides family strengthening services as well as children’s services for more than 10,000 children and their families. The programs they offer to these children are specifically designed to give them the tools, skills, services, and education they need to maintain a safe, stable and healthy environment in which to thrive.  The donation process itself was divided into various age groups so as to provide as wide of a variety of toys for the children as possible. Pictures of the toys we were able to collect are featured in the gallery below.
  • The second charitable mission the World Emblem team embarked on was one that many at the time were volunteering donating their time, money and effort to contribute to. Thousands of children and their families were greatly affected by storm Onday in the Philippines this past year. The storm itself dumped a month’s worth of rain in 12 hours, flooding 25 % of Metro Manila and affected more than 24 provinces around the country.  The World Emblem team was able to collect upwards of about $6,000 to donate to UNICEF’s relief efforts. Click HERE for a full photo gallery of the damage caused by storm Onday in the Philippines, courtesy of UNICEF.

If you would like to know more about the charities listed in this post, further information can be found in the links below: 


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