7 Things You Need to Know About Heat Sealing Your Apparel Decorations

When decorating your apparel, there are several things one must always keep in mind. This is especially true when speaking about heat sealing techniques. Using this machine can be tricky to get accustomed to. However, when done right, a multitude of benefits can be reaped in both time and money.

The following list are tips anyone can use when personally decorating their apparel:

  1. Not all heat presses are the same

  2. Different press machines may require variations in settings

  3. Always heat seal a test patch onto your garments before starting production.

  4. Ambient temperature must be consistent

  5. Avoid cold and warm breezes from open doors or gates

  6. Do not stack garments on top of each other until the patches on them have been cooled.

  7. Calibration of your heat seal machines is very important. Remember, the measurements displayed in the gauges of the machine may not always be accurate.

Learn from Professor Patch! Check out his video class for more information:

Also check our this as well as our entire series of heat sealing tutorials on our YouTube Channel. 


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