Living Our Core Values II | The Importance of Giving Back

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

— Mother Teresa

Exemplified in our last few blog posts was this recurring idea of the importance of one’s core values; more specifically, that of “Extreme Commitment” as one of our company’s most important core values. As a company, it is easy to think that core values could only be concurrent as far as the individual employee and the customers they serve were concerned. But a company’s impact stretches farther than that of  the fluidity of its proverbial sales funnel. As the global leader within our respective market, we have certainly realized this to be true. The values that we model our business on are the same ones that helped build the foundation for our company over 20 years ago. It is our duty to facilitate these values to those in  most need of reaping their benefits. This is exactly what happened in November of last year.

It was during this time that Super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines. The storm known locally as “Yolanda” was one of the most powerful on record. Thousands were killed and 4 million people were displaced; this includes 1.8 million children. Overall, UNICEF estimates that out of the 13 million lives that were affected by this storm, 6 million were children.  News outlets around the world reported on it, families suffered from it and many people around the world prayed about it. Whilst all this was going on, Americans were in the middle of preparing for Thanksgiving. It was then we decided to pull resources from all of our locations and collect donations for the cause throughout the holiday season. Our ultimate goal was to collect a minimum of $3,000; every penny of which WEI would match. In the same spirit promoted in our company’s core values, all WEI employees came together from every department of the company to donate $3,255.

In the end, as a company, WEI employees came together to donate over $6,500 to UNICEF’s efforts in the Philippines. It was truly a proud achievement for the entire company!

charity check

For a full album of pictures of the Philippines 3 months after the storm, click HERE.

For more details on Super Typhoon Haiyan as well as UNICEF’s efforts in the Philippines and how you can donate, click HERE or visit


Naturally  life is full of challenges. Above all, these challenges tend to test the values by which we build the foundations for our daily lives. This is never more evident than in our company. As a business, we are constantly presented with challenges that we must overcome.  The surmount-ability of these challenges results in nothing less than  the reinforcement of the values by which we stand. Herein lies the fruition of World Emblem’s latest blog series.

We proudly introduce the “Living Our #CoreValues” blog series.

Every week in The Daily Stitch we will post a story dealing with an occurrence that helped to facilitate our company’s core values.

In conjunction with these posts, a series of tweets will be posted on our Twitter account with the hashtag #WEICoreValues profiling various quotes and situations dealing with these same experiences.

Make sure to follow this blog, The Daily Stitch, and follow us on Twitter to get all the updates on this as well as all of our other upcoming Blog Series.

Mention us on Twitter (@worldemblem) with the hashtag #WEICoreValues and tell us how you have lived your core values (in your own personal life as well as in your work life).


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