Living Our Core Values III | The White Rabbit

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” — Dale Carnegie

One’s life cannot be consumed by work and no play. On the contrary. It is precisely this concept of having fun that should play a consistent role in one’s every day life. This is especially true for work. Studies have proven that a person is more likely to be successful at their work when they actually enjoy what they’re doing. This answers the question as to why something like “Having fun” would be an intricate part in our system of core values. In fact, it is so ingrained in the functionality of our company that we make it a point to incorporate this concept in as many ways as we can. Where am I going with this? Keep reading to find out…

Rewind to about 2 years ago and World Emblem employees throughout every location were forewarned to “Beware the white rabbit.”  What is the white rabbit? If you’ve ever read the popular children’s fiction novel, “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland,” or, like many others, seen Disney’s film adaption, then you are probably well aware what white rabbit I’m talking about. In the film adaption of the book, he is most famous for anxiously yelling out the phrase, “I’m late; I’m late for a very important date!” This prompted a “fun” and, albeit, unique way to optimize our company’s various administrative and production deadlines. To build suspense, teaser fliers were posted around all World Emblem locations warning employees to “Beware the White Rabbit,” adding that the details behind the flier were to reveal themselves at a specified date. Once revealed, on-time performance was tracked at every location. Banners were printed out featuring the white rabbit that each location would use to track their respective performances. T-shirts were printed out with the white rabbit reminding everyone to “Be On Time All the Time.” The purpose? To encourage improvement in a specific area using one of our core values, Have Fun.

By the end, aside from improving on time performance in various areas, the whole occasion made for a very memorable experience.

Check out this slide show of pictures from the event:

How do you incorporate fun into your work life?



Naturally  life is full of challenges. Above all, these challenges tend to test the values by which we build the foundations for our daily lives. This is never more evident than in our company. As a business, we are constantly presented with challenges that we must overcome.  The surmount-ability of these challenges results in nothing less than  the reinforcement of the values by which we stand. Herein lies the fruition of World Emblem’s latest blog series.

We proudly introduce the “Living Our #CoreValues” blog series.

Every week in The Daily Stitch we will post a story dealing with an occurrence that helped to facilitate our company’s core values.

In conjunction with these posts, a series of tweets will be posted on our Twitter account with the hashtag#WEICoreValues profiling various quotes and situations dealing with these same experiences.

Make sure to follow this blog, The Daily Stitch, and follow us on Twitter to get all the updates on this as well as all of our other upcoming Blog Series.

Mention us on Twitter (@worldemblem) with the hashtag #WEICoreValues and tell us how you have lived your core values (in your own personal life as well as in your work life).


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