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social media ambassadors announcement


One big thing that separates us from our competitors is our large scale. We have 10 locations in total; 4 of those 6 located internationally. The large number of employees producing large volumes of production orders for a wide variety of clients means that there is a lot of activity happening  at each and every single one of our locations every single day. From awards to intricate designs and large scale rushed production orders, each one of these occurrences comes together to build the foundation for the core values by which each our employee lives by every single day. It is each one of these experiences that we would like to share with you!

World Emblem International is proudly launching the new Social Media Ambassadors Project!

Employees from each one of our various locations have been chosen to function as their respective location’s representative in this project. These employees will function as ambassadors and will assist the World Emblem marketing team in the collection of information and content related to each of their respective locations that we can use to post on social media. It is our fervent hope with this project that you, both as our employee as well as our customer, will get to share these experiences with us and get a good understanding of what World Emblem International is all about.

We will post content created by these employees every week. Each post will include their name and location.

Be sure to stay tuned!

Keep scrolling down to meet our resident Social Media Ambassadors:

Yaritza Polaroid

Name: Yaritza Urribari
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Production


Lisa Polaroid

Name: Lisa Taylor
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Marketing

Armando Polaroid

Name: Armando Calderon
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Sales | Name Badges International

Jessica Polaroid

Name: Jessica Leal
Location: Decatur, IL
Department: Production

Flavia Polaroid

 Name: Flavia Acosta
Location: Taylor, MI
Department: Production

Sandra Polaroid

Name: Sandra Zavala
Location: Ontario, CA
Department: Production

Ruth Polaroid

Name: Ruth Musto
Location: Atlanta, GA
Department: Human Resources

Refugio Polaroid

 Name: Refugio Reyes
Location: Aguascalientes, MX
Department: Sales

Carmen Polaroid

Name: Carmen De Alba
Location: Aguascalientes, MX
Department: Sales

Name: Natalia Restrepo
Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
Department: Production






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