What You Need to Know About High Visibility Striping


Have you ever passed a construction zone on the way to work and couldn’t help but notice the high visibility orange and yellow uniforms donned by passing construction workers? On a flight, have you ever noticed the reflective garments sported by the ground air traffic controllers? As a standard uniform requirement for many low lit and potentially hazardous working environments, both apparel manufacturers and decorators have begun to realize the importance of being able to add this product to their product offering. Until recently, high visibility and reflective wear were solely limited to neon orange and yellow vests striped with silver reflective tape. The more the need for this product increased however, the more flexible these aforementioned apparel decorators and manufacturers have begun to become. If you are among the many considering implementing this product as a part of your particular uniform program, keep reading to find out exactly what you need to know.

Firstly, standard uniform requirements apply to a large mass within today’s workforce. The fruition of these regulations live within the power of our Federal Government. Under the Worker Visibility Final Rule (23 CFR Part 634), the Federal Government established a regulation mandating the use of high-visibility safety apparel for emergency services workers. This law was put into effect in November 24 of 2008. EMS and fire services personnel in particular are specifically referenced by this rule. The rule requires emergency workers to wear a minimum of ANSI class II high visibility vests during operations in and alongside public roadways. ANSI class II vests have either a high visibility green, orange or red background with reflective striping. ANSI class III garments provide more visibility than class II and serve as acceptable alternatives.
What does this mean for you exactly? The answer to that question was best phrased by our resident Vice President of Operations, James Kozel, when he stated that, “These long lists of mandates and apparel regulations mean that a great deal of potential exists within the Safety Market for this particular product. Because of the limitations in variability of this product, the market is ripe with a slew of clientele looking for those uniform providers who can provide them with alternatives to the generic neon vests.” Are you starting to consider adding High Visibility Striping to your product offering? The following outlines some important information you need to know before you do.

Some good standard practices that can serve as good examples come from World Emblem International. Uniforms now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The standard neon orange and yellow vests of the past are not as applicable as they use to be. Because of the evolution of uniforms in recent years, those in need of high visibility stripping need to work with uniform distributors who can provide as much customization as possible in order to fulfill their respective mandates and regulations. With the recent launch of its High Visibility Striping services, World Emblem has expanded their catalog to include 10 different trims and 48 standard placement locations; thus, providing the flexibility necessary in these aforementioned situations.

Secondly, flexibility must also be reflected in the placement as well as the trim itself. When looking for a striping provider, be sure that they have custom placement options available. If the placements required by a client do not fit within the available standard placement locations, World Emblem offers the ability to create custom templates to satisfy all safety requirements.

When looking for custom uniforms, apparel decorations needs are not only limited to striping but to the actual branding of the garment as well. When looking for a striping provider, be sure that they can offer services aside from those incumbent with high visibility striping. Why? With strict deadlines and tight schedules, removing as many suppliers and drop shipments from the equation can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Therefore, looking for a provider that can offer a multitude of design options for its other apparel decorations, including direct embroidery and various types of FR emblems means that all client garments can be completely customized to their specific needs. World Emblem, for example, provides all of these services under one roof; thus, removing the need to drop-ship your garments to multiple vendors. Clients can simply drop ship their garments from vendors to World Emblem’s Atlanta, Georgia manufacturing plant.

Finally, because of the tight scheduling inherent in this particular industry, finding a provider who can function within your required turn-times is of the utmost importance. World Emblem internal processes are streamlined to function within the tight schedules provided by this industry. The company will supply its clients with a free quote and digital proof of their designs in less than 24 hours. With production turn-times set in as little as 5 days, shipping is quick and hassle free. Once the order is complete, World Emblem can even blind ship their garments right to the end customer.

With the increasing mandates and regulations inherent with High Visibility Striping, the market itself is continuing to grow every day. It is thus important for those providing uniform services to these specific customers to begin to cater there product offerings around the needs of these clients. However, finding the right provider does not have to be complicated. If you’re thinking of including High Visibility Striping as part of your product offering, simply remember these steps and you will be well on your way to having a successful Safety Uniform Program.


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