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The Cons of Offshoring: The Importance of Being “Made in the USA”

As a key competitive strategy we constantly struggle against in our industry, offshoring has been a largely debated topic in years past. While it is true that offshoring was and, in some part still remains, a competitive option for those in need of services brought about by American manufacturers, this option has grown to have more cons than pros. As a whole, what was once considered to be an increasingly cost effective option, has now been forecasted to reflect the exact opposite. Because of increased foreign investment over the years, wages for workers around the world have increased  as a result. According to a recent study, several economies traditionally regarded as low-cost manufacturing bases (i.e. China, Brazil, etc.) have seen their cost advantages erode significantly since 2004 while US Manufacturing has considerably improved its cost structure. This is good news for national economic supporters as reshoring is starting to be brought back on the table again as a business strategy.

The below infographic, put together with research compiled by West Monroe, debates both options. More specifically, it details why reshoring is starting to become a significant keyword in the playbooks of modern American companies.


Meet Our World Emblem Family: Matthew Poole


Matthew Poole (33) reacts during Tuesday’s Brevard-Pisgah basketball game in Canton. (Photo: SPECIAL TO THE CITIZEN-TIMES)

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” — John Quincy Adams

In this new blog series, we want to take time to feature one very special member of our World Emblem family. Matthew Poole, the 17 year old son of one of our newest team members, VP of Reseller Sales Scott Poole, has Cerebral Palsy. A condition marked by impaired muscle coordination, Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term that refers to a group of congenital disorders affecting a person’s ability to move. Despite this, Matthew has been noted as one of the most dedicated manager’s Pisgah High School’s basketball team has ever had. In fact, he’s slowly become one of the most popular students at Pisgah High School. “Matthew is as genuine a human being as you can imagine,” Pisgah basketball coach Casey Kruk said. “He wants what is best for everyone, and doesn’t ask a lot in return. He just wants to be part of the team.”

In a heartwarming turn of events, senior Thomas Tatham decided to pass along his chance in the spotlight and give Matthew his spot on the team’s starting lineup. “He’s the most dedicated person we have,” Thomas said. “He supports us 100 percent. No matter what the score is, we know Matthew will be there for us.” At the start of the game on Senior Night, with his team jersey at the ready, Matthew lived up to his acclaim. Commandeering an inspiring speech to his fellow team mates, he went on to successfully score the first basket of his high school basketball game.

In this video you can see the crowd in the game burst into heaps of enthusiasm as Matthew scores the first point of the game; the faces of his team mates simultaneously bursting with joy. This excitement was not reserved for the game alone however. The aftermath of Matthew’s life would grow to become equally as exciting, as local newspapers and news stations eagerly awaited to cover his story. His story has resonated with people in a record way. Now, with a total of 1,000 likes and over 460 shares on Facebook, the video has become the most popular item ever been posted on Pisgah High School’s Facebook page.

The dedication, team work and perseverance Matthew shows has proven to be an inspiration to not only those who are closest to him, but to all those that are made aware of his story. As a company we are touched by his story. As a new addition to our  family we want to share his inspiring story with the world in the hopes that it will inspire those enduring difficult struggles to have the courage to persevere in the same light as Matthew.

World Emblem is sending a huge congratulations and best regards to Matthew, whose future is as bright as his personality.

Take a look at some additional pictures of the event below:


Matthew Poole takes a shot in Tuesday’s Brevard-Pisgah basketball game in Canton. (Photo: MIKELL JACKY WEBB)


Pisgah’s Matthew Poole, right, and Thomas Tatham and his family on Senior Night. (Photo: MIKELL JACKY WEBB)

4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Our New Tracking System

Months of hard work, long hours and tireless preparation has finally paid off. Orders will now be that much easier to track with our newly upgraded Tracking System!

If you’ve ever had to place an order, especially for some form of production, you know that tracking your order throughout the entire ordering process is not a functionality many places give you. Even when they do, there’s no accounting for accuracy or speed; especially when the dreaded day comes when your order arrives late, incomplete or completely filled with errors. If you’re lucky, you get an email once your order has been shipped with some type of tracking number. That may be fine for the everyday end-buyer; but when your job depends on the effective production and distribution of that particular order, being able to track it throughout every stage is crucial. This is especially true when you consider that from the moment you have relayed payment for your order, that company your purchasing from is now in charge of something that your own work is depending on.

This is why we put such importance on the technology we use to produce your order. With client satisfaction being our number 1 goal, we want to make sure we are providing all of our clientele with the Ultimate Experience throughout every facet of our business.

All of that being said, as a current or potential client, here are 4 reasons why you should care about our new tracking system:

  1. GET LARGER ORDERS QUICKER | By reducing your order’s processing time, simplifying the work flow and replacing obsolete technology, you will see the overall productivity of our company dramatically increase. This increase in productivity means that it will be easier than ever to place and track larger orders.
  2. FASTER TRACKING | This reduced processing time means that you will receive tracking updates quicker and more accurately.
  3. INCREASED SECURITY | Because of increased processing times, your tracking information will not only be relayed much quicker than before, but , consequentially, it will also be that much more accurate and dependable.
  4. SIMPLE USER INTERFACE | Aside from an increase in productivity and speed, this new tracking system will also offer a better integration with our clients’ on-line catalogs. This improved integration means that not only will you get updates on the status of your order faster than before, but accessing the information will be much easier as well.

Tracking is a vital piece of software to any company. This is why we place such a high regard on making sure ours is as optimized as possible. The production capabilities of our company rely on the speed and synchronization at which client orders are processed. With these new updates we hope to provide you as a current or potential client with nothing less than the ultimate experience. In the end, the upgrades we have made will pave the way to successful growth in the near future and open up a whole new world of possibilities for not only us as a company but for all of our valued clientele.

WEI Announces | The Social Media Ambassador’s Project

social media ambassadors announcement


One big thing that separates us from our competitors is our large scale. We have 10 locations in total; 4 of those 6 located internationally. The large number of employees producing large volumes of production orders for a wide variety of clients means that there is a lot of activity happening  at each and every single one of our locations every single day. From awards to intricate designs and large scale rushed production orders, each one of these occurrences comes together to build the foundation for the core values by which each our employee lives by every single day. It is each one of these experiences that we would like to share with you!

World Emblem International is proudly launching the new Social Media Ambassadors Project!

Employees from each one of our various locations have been chosen to function as their respective location’s representative in this project. These employees will function as ambassadors and will assist the World Emblem marketing team in the collection of information and content related to each of their respective locations that we can use to post on social media. It is our fervent hope with this project that you, both as our employee as well as our customer, will get to share these experiences with us and get a good understanding of what World Emblem International is all about.

We will post content created by these employees every week. Each post will include their name and location.

Be sure to stay tuned!

Keep scrolling down to meet our resident Social Media Ambassadors:

Yaritza Polaroid

Name: Yaritza Urribari
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Production


Lisa Polaroid

Name: Lisa Taylor
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Marketing

Armando Polaroid

Name: Armando Calderon
Location: Miami, FL (HQ)
Department: Sales | Name Badges International

Jessica Polaroid

Name: Jessica Leal
Location: Decatur, IL
Department: Production

Flavia Polaroid

 Name: Flavia Acosta
Location: Taylor, MI
Department: Production

Sandra Polaroid

Name: Sandra Zavala
Location: Ontario, CA
Department: Production

Ruth Polaroid

Name: Ruth Musto
Location: Atlanta, GA
Department: Human Resources

Refugio Polaroid

 Name: Refugio Reyes
Location: Aguascalientes, MX
Department: Sales

Carmen Polaroid

Name: Carmen De Alba
Location: Aguascalientes, MX
Department: Sales

Name: Natalia Restrepo
Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
Department: Production





Introducing the “Living Our #CoreValues” Blog Series

Naturally  life is full of challenges. Above all, these challenges tend to test the values by which we build the foundations for our daily lives. This is never more evident than in our company. As a business, we are constantly presented with challenges that we must overcome.  The surmount-ability of these challenges results in nothing less than  the reinforcement of the values by which we stand. Herein lies the fruition of World Emblem’s latest blog series.

We proudly introduce the “Living Our #CoreValues” blog series.

Every week in The Daily Stitch we will post a story dealing with an occurrence that helped to facilitate our company’s core values.

In conjunction with these posts, a series of tweets will be posted on our Twitter account with the hashtag #WEICoreValues profiling various quotes and situations dealing with these same experiences.

Make sure to follow this blog, The Daily Stitch, and follow us on Twitter to get all the updates on this as well as all of our other upcoming Blog Series.

Mention us on Twitter (@worldemblem) with the hashtag #WEICoreValues and tell us how you have lived your core values (in your own personal life as well as in your work life).

Keep reading to check out the first part of this blog series.


“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” 
― Roger Crawford

“Our clients are important to us.”  Doesn’t everyone say that? How many businesses actually show you they care? World Emblem does. Let us explain why.

As our client, you have helped build the foundation for World Emblem’s growth throughout the years.  Without you, there is no “us.”  We know you have choices and we’re grateful every single time you choose us. Herein lays the dedication we have to you as our client. The merit of this dedication has never been so tested as it was the past two weeks.  With two winter storms shutting down the entire Southeast region, our plant in Atlanta, GA closed a total of 5 business days. In spite of the chaos that followed however, World Emblem was not shut down. We re-directed all orders to our other 5 locations, flexed our equipment and ultimately, combined with the extreme commitment of all of our team members, were able to produce higher-than-normal volumes. In some cases, if we were unable to make the carrier pickup times we made special carrier arrangements and even went so far as to hire drivers to make hand deliveries to our clients. These business continuity plans make it so that these events were not “catastrophic” or “crippling,” as the newspaper headlines at the time so described. More importantly, it is these plans that make it so you can count on us for uninterrupted service during any situation. Ultimately, we were able to produce and ship every single order.

Direct Embroidery Supervisor | World Emblem International

Direct Embroidery Supervisor | World Emblem International

Sandra Conde (left) |Single-Head Supervisor --Gabriel Rodriguez (right) | Quality Control Manager

Sandra Conde (left) |Single-Head Supervisor –Gabriel Rodriguez (right) | Quality Control Manager

One of our dedicated team members, Osana Larosa, cancelled her vacation without being asked to. Even with her father paying her a visit from another country, she came in to work when she heard we could use the help. Her teammate, Sandra Conde, and her entire team came in early as well and worked until midnight to make sure your emblems went out on time.  Two of our plant managers, Patricia Alcala and Sebastian Oliveras, and their teams did the exact same thing. Gabriel Rodriguez, our Quality Control Manager, offered his help and expertise to organize the efforts despite not working in production himself. Not many companies can say that have a team this dedicated to its clients. Those that do are few and far between. Our team does some truly amazing things and we love them for it. In the end, we incurred the cost of the overtime, the shipping and the couriers for a very important person; You! You are the only reason we are here.

At World Emblem, we make it a point to put our heart into every product and service. So when we say, “Our clients are important to us,” we will always be willing to show you how much.

World Emblem is EXTREMELY COMMITTED to Its Customers!



“How did this happen?” That was the tagline on the homepage of the CNN website for two days starting January 29th, 2014 as two inches of snow paralyzed Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. 

The front page of the World Emblem website had an entirely different tagline.  “World Emblem’s Extreme Commitment Is Alive, Well & Stronger Than Ever!” 

As soon as the severity of the situation in Atlanta became clear, World Emblem’s team catapulted into action to ensure every order made it out on time.  It all came down to good decision-making and an amazing commitment by our World Emblem team.  Orders were redirected from our Atlanta location and moved to locations that were operational in California, Mexico, Nevada, Illinois and Florida.  Team members from these locations worked together to handle the overflow of orders from our Atlanta location which is World Emblem’s largest production facility in the United States. Our Florida team made the decision to put all Florida orders on hold; not because we don’t love our neighboring clients, but because we had the ability to make special arrangements with carriers and couriers to get the orders to them on time even if that meant delivering them ourselves.  Our team in Florida was not only able to handle the orders from Atlanta, but was also able to get every Florida order out the door and onto the carrier’s trucks before the cut off time.  Our amazing operators worked overtime from 10am until midnight to make sure that our clients’ needs were met.  Those orders were then delivered to the airport and put on white-glove service to arrive at several cities.  We then had couriers pick up the orders from Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville and deliver the orders to the clients’ doors before 10:30 am. This is a remarkable feat as Atlanta is our largest facility in the United States.

We called clients to let them know to expect delays but in fact, there were none.  Our teams worked tirelessly so that the impact of this disruption was not felt by our clients.  It is just another way that World Emblem is willing to prove to our clients that our core value of Extreme Commitment is alive, well and stronger than ever!

2013 Holiday Recap: World Emblem Launches a New Website!


World Emblem International is proud to announce that its new company website,, was officially launched January 1st, 2014. Aside from completely renovating its design, the website itself was updated to include a variety of additional content not previously available through the old version. The content itself is specifically targeted towards the site’s predominant users: current and potential customers and employees.

Additional pages were added to the website in order to house a variety of content. These pages include: a newly built “Career” section, an updated “Resources” section, maps of all World Emblem locations, customer testimonials, direct links to all World Emblem social media, including the official World Emblem blog, “The Daily Stitch,” and much more. Ultimately the goal with this project was to re-design the website to become the central source for all information relevant to the company and the interests of its constituents.

CLICK HERE to check out World Emblem’s new company website!

2013 Holiday Recap: World Emblem’s Florida Location Wins Ultimate Cup Championship!

This past quarter, we placed all of our locations in direct competition with each other each week. Customers with orders from each location will be called to verify the speed, accuracy and quality of their order as well as their overall customer service experience. The location with the highest ratings received possession of the Ultimate Cup for 1 week of bragging rights before the cup moved on to the next winner. Each week a different location would be named the Ultimate Cup Champion.

Our customers are the pinnacle of our business model. They are the driving force behind what makes our company tick. This past quarter, it is because of this business model that we answered the questions of how to communicate this to every operator, QC person, shipping manager and our employees as a whole. Thus, we decided to challenge ourselves in a way we’ve never done before; all to get you as our customers the best service possible.

In the end, the location with the highest ratings at the end of the quarter would be named that quarter’s Ultimate Cup Champion. The winner of the inaugural quarter of this competition was our Florida location!Not only would the quarter champions receive posession of the Ultimate Cup, they would also get the opportunity to have a company lunch with World Emblem President / CEO Randy Carr.

Below is a photo gallery with the complete list of weekly winners as well as pictures from the Ultimate Cup Luncheon with Randy Carr.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2013 Holiday Recap: Randy Carr Makes Stitches Magazine Power 75!


World Emblem is proud to have President / CEO, Randy Carr, listed as one of the 75 most powerful people within the decorating industry in Stitches Magazine’s 2013 Power 75 List.

In regards to the list itself, the chosen few represent the companies and organizations who are making an impact on how everyone in the decorating industry operates. They are setting a go-to-market course for the industry as it heads in to 2014.Those in running for the list were chosen from a diverse pool of candidates including: equipment and software manufacturers, educators, decorators and digitizers and more.

Randy Carr and his team are setting the pace for 2014 through their use of automated equipment to coordinate each step of the production process as well as through their heavy investment in an advanced ordering system that allows them to handle everything from design to ordering to checking sales history to invoicing. Two years ago, Randy Carr also launched the U.S. division of Name Badges International. In doing so, he expanded his company’s product offering to digitally printed, domed tags. Sales from this division are expected to more than double in the coming year in comparison to 2012.

For a link to the full article in Stitches Magazine CLICK HERE. 

2013 Holiday Recap: World Emblem Gives Back

After another successful year of business, the World Emblem team decided to give back with a series of charity projects this past holiday season.

  • The first was an event that, upon its success in 2012, was repeated again this past year in 2013. Toys were collected from all World Emblem locations for the K.I.D (Kids.In.Distress) Charity of South Florida. Beginning in 1979, K.I.D.’s sole mission is to, “prevent child abuse, preserve the familly and treat children who have been abused and neglected.” Recognized as a premier agency in South Florida, this organization provides family strengthening services as well as children’s services for more than 10,000 children and their families. The programs they offer to these children are specifically designed to give them the tools, skills, services, and education they need to maintain a safe, stable and healthy environment in which to thrive.  The donation process itself was divided into various age groups so as to provide as wide of a variety of toys for the children as possible. Pictures of the toys we were able to collect are featured in the gallery below.
  • The second charitable mission the World Emblem team embarked on was one that many at the time were volunteering donating their time, money and effort to contribute to. Thousands of children and their families were greatly affected by storm Onday in the Philippines this past year. The storm itself dumped a month’s worth of rain in 12 hours, flooding 25 % of Metro Manila and affected more than 24 provinces around the country.  The World Emblem team was able to collect upwards of about $6,000 to donate to UNICEF’s relief efforts. Click HERE for a full photo gallery of the damage caused by storm Onday in the Philippines, courtesy of UNICEF.

If you would like to know more about the charities listed in this post, further information can be found in the links below: