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The Newest Addition to Stitches Power 75

Randy - Head ShotNic   When Stitches Magazine released their list of the 75 most influential people in the decorated apparel industry it was no surprise that Randy Carr, President and CEO of World Emblem, made the list, alongside VP of Sales Nicolas Restrepo. For over 20 years, Carr has been pushing his company to break boundaries and raise the bar for industry standards. Under his guidance, World Emblem has grown into a multimillion dollar global company that is known for it’s quality and innovations. It is those innovations that elevated Carr into Stitches’ Power 75 ranking. Most notable on Stitches’ feature was this year’s launch of FlexStyle, World Emblem’s newest product that is revolutionizing the application, use, and overall quality of emblems in the decorated apparel industry.


This breakthrough product is the culmination of all that World Emblem stands for – an unforgettable first impression, the highest quality products in the industry, and impeccable attention to detail. FlexStyle is the first of it’s kind, allowing emblems to adhere to a variety of surfaces such as fabric, glass, wood, metal, and plastic, while still providing unparalleled flexibility. It’s prestigious and sophisticated design capabilities provide detailed textures and bold metallic finishes, producing a high-quality emblem that can’t be matched anywhere else in the industry. Carr’s words to Stitch Magazine say it best: “This is one product you have to see to truly appreciate.”

It is products like these that have made World Emblem the global powerhouse that it is and a leader like Randy Carr has made that possible. With Carr’s leadership and drive, you can be sure that FlexStyle will not be the last innovative product World Emblem introduces to the marketplace. No matter where the industry goes, Carr and his World Emblem team will always be a step ahead, constantly pushing the envelope to exceed customer expectations.

Click the Stitches Magazine cover below to read full December 2015 issue:

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